Gramvousa Beach Image of view down from castle of beach and turquoise waters of Gramvousa Beach . It is one of the most beautiful islands in EUrope

Gramvousa Beach Crete: Complete Guide

You can only visit Gramvousa Beach if you’re visiting the much more famous Balos beach and lagoon, a short distance down the Crete coast.

Balos is preceded by its reputation as one of the best beaches in Europe, perhaps even one of the best beaches in the world. But what of nearby Gramvousa Beach?

Some Kissamos to Balos cruises call at Gramvousa island and Balos lagoon. They usually stop for around two hours at Imeri Gramvousa island before proceeding to Balos Bay for another two or three hours.

We expected Balos to be special and it certainly is.  The biggest surprise of our Gramvousa Balos trip was just how beautiful the beach at Gramvousa Crete is. We’re talking best one of the best beaches in Crete, indeed one of the best beaches in Greece. And the rest. Whisper it, but we enjoyed Gramvousa even more than Balos. Find out just why we rate Gramvoussa Bay so highly.

Image of Gramvousa Beach Crete Greece
Balos beach is amazing -but what about THIS?
Image of the cafeteria on board the ferry to Balos beach Crete
The cafe on board the ‘Gramvousa’ boat to Balos

Gramvousa Beach – All You Need To Know

Image of a yacht moored off Gramvousa Beach Crete Greece
This looks a nice place to stop, captain
Image of Gramvousa Castle and beach Crete Greece
Gramvousa Castle and Beach

The island of Imeri Gramvousa – the name means ‘Tame Gramvousa’ – is a 15-minute cruise across the channel from Balos Beach, Crete.

The 200-metre-long beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

It has soft golden sand and brilliant clear turquoise waters, fantastic for bathing, swimming and snorkeling.

You can only visit on Gramvousa Balos cruises – these are run by Cretan Daily Cruises, which operate from nearby Kissamos port – see our article on How To Get To Balos Beach for further information.

The beach sits below the Venetian fort of Gramvousa Castle, which looms nearly 500 feet above on the clifftop. It’s worth the walk for the breathtaking view over Gramvousa Beach, the crystal-clear waters around it and the mountains of the Gramvousa peninsula on ‘mainland’ Crete.

Good to know: The Kissamos to Balos ferry gives you two hours on Gramvousa before heading on to Balos.

Where Is Gramvousa Beach?

Image of a tiny shrine on Gramvousa Island Crete Greece
A tiny shrine on the path between the ferry and beach

Imeri Gramvousa island is a few miles off the northwest coast of Crete, close to Balos lagoon. Gramvousa Beach is on Imeri Gramvousa, and not Agria Gramvousa. The latter means ‘Wild Gramvousa’, is largely inaccessible and rarely visited.

This whole area is part of Chania province, and the nearest town is the port of Kissamos, an hour’s drive from Chania city.

Getting to Gramvousa Beach Crete

Image of the ferry 'Gramvousa' moored of Balos beach Crete Greece
The ferry boat ‘Gramvousa’, shown moored off Balos lagoon and beach
Image of man carrying child walking towards the ticket office where you buy your boat tickets for the Gramvousa and Balos beach cruise
Image of passengers enjoying the view from the Balos Gramvousa cruise
Passengers enjoying the view of the wild Cretan coast

You can only reach Gramvousa beach on the boat to Balos beach, which calls at Gramvousa, allowing you around two hours there. Ideally you would be able to spend longer at both Balos and Gramvousa, but sadly there’s no flexibility with the Balos boat trip schedules. It’s still one of the best Crete boat trips, and you get to see somewhere so special you otherwise would never see.

Tours to Balos beach are run by travel agents and hotels from everywhere between Heraklion, four hours away by road, and Kissamos. Check out these links for tours from the main cities, which also pick up customers at places along the way:

Balos and Gramvousa Tour From Chania

Balos and Gramvousa Tour From Rethymno

Balos and Gramvousa Tour From Heraklion

The boat moors at the corner of Gramvousa Bay, a five-minute walk away from the beach. Disembarkation is very easy, down the ship stairs then along the boat ramp onto sandy stony ground. It’s a short walk from there to Gramvousa Beach, along a slightly undulating path with a few rocks along the way.

Things to do on Gramvousa Island Crete

Image of Gramvousa beach and castle Crete Greece
You’ve got a choice, and not a great deal of time: the castle, or the beach?
Gramvousa Beach Image of view down from castle of beach and turquoise waters of Gramvousa Beach . It is one of the most beautiful islands in EUrope
Image of Gramvousa Castle and beach Crete Greece
Gramvousa Castle and Beach

You have a couple of hours on the island of Gramvousa. Sometimes a little less, depending on the Balos ferry schedules. You have two choices.

The first is to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, possibly paddling, swimming or snorkeling in that gorgeous pristine water.

The second is to climb the footpath to the 137-metre-high Castle overlooking the beach.

My wife and son opted for the beach.

I did both.

1. The hike up to Gramvousa Castle

Image of Gramvousa Beach from the Castle high above
Your reward for a short, hot hike: a bird’s eye view of Gramvousa beach and mainland Crete
Image of the footpath up to Gramvousa Castle
This way to the Castle – the path from near the beginning of the route
Image of the gatehouse at Gramvousa castle Crete Greece
Almost there: the Castle gatehouse

It was a tough decision, but I thought it was worth getting up the steep hill to see the Castle of Gramvousa. I also suspected the hike would yield some astoundingly beautiful views. I wasn’t wrong.

You’ll almost certainly be tackling the short, steep hike in hot weather. If you’re reasonably fit, take the usual precautions – sun cream, a hat, water and sturdy walking shoes.

Most of the hike is up stone steps, with the final part along a well-defined rocky path. The top part could be slippery after rain.

The walk up to the Castle took me around 12 minutes, but I was going at a very fast pace because I was short of time. I would expect most people would take 20-30 minutes to complete the climb in the punishing heat.

The main reason to keep going to the top is the stupendous view you get from the castle ramparts. The view down over this most stunning of Crete beaches and its crystal-clear water is breathtaking.

Gramvousa Castle reminded me of the Fortezza in Rethymno, in central Crete. The walls are long and substantial, but there’s a lot of empty space once you’re inside. The Venetian fortress was built by occupiers in the late 16th century to help control western Crete and this area of the Mediterranean.

It proved impregnable to attack by force, but there was one subtler way of capturing it – bribery! At one stage in the 19th century it was occupied by pirates, greatly increasing its kudos in my five-year-old son’s eyes.

2. Take a swim at Gramvousa Beach

Image of Gramvousa beach Crete Greece
Stunning Gramvousa Beach and its crystal-clear waters

Many opt to stay at sea level, briefly savouring one of the best experiences Crete has to offer. It’s one of the best few Chania beaches, so if you’re staying in the west of the island it’s absolutely worth going out of your way to see it.

My wife and son spent the whole time on Gramvousa Beach, paddling, swimming and playing in the sea. They stayed at the west end of the beach, near the path to the boat, where many of the other visitors had also gathered. The shallow waters are ideal for kids – as are those just across the bay at Balos lagoon beach.

I walked the length of the beach, out towards the 1960s shipwreck on the east corner. This short walk gives a great view back to the castle. I noticed a few of the bathers and swimmers walking quite cautiously because of rocks underfoot. This seemed to be more of an issue at the east end of the beach than it did at the west end.

Gramvousa Beach – Our Verdict

Picture of Gramvousa Beach Crete. One of hte most beautiful islands in Europe

If you’re spending your Crete holidays in the west of the island, make visiting Gramvousa, Balos, and nearby Falassarna a top priority. If you have time, also explore further south, especially Elafonissi and Kedrodasos. A day trip there is one of the best things to do in Crete that you’ll ever find.

They’re among the best places in Crete, Greece, the Mediterranean, Europe, even the world. Gramvousa Beach is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place. Do whatever you can to get there.

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