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Staggeringly beautiful, there are a thousand reasons why Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world

Italy is incomparable. Its coastline and islands are nothing short of staggering. For scenery, there is everything from the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany to the jagged peaks of the Alps and Dolomites, to the steep valleys of the Apennines to active volcanoes.

Then there’s the history and heritage, with some of the greatest surviving Ancient Greek ruins, and the might of the Roman Empire, and its Byzantine successor, before you come to the matter of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

First-time visitors often gravitate to the ‘big three’ cities, Rome, Venice and Florence, and quite rightly. But others are just as compelling, from the slightly anarchic but absolutely beguiling Naples to the food capitals, Bologna and Parma, and the medieval wonder of Siena. There are so many others.


Then there are the churches, high art, architecture, music, fashion and high end fast cars.  And the food, a mixture of regional cuisines, some of which have gone on to become staples around the world.

(Italy also usually takes up about half of David’s wish list at any one time.)

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