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Rome to Pompeii Day Trip

Planning a day trip to Pompeii from Rome? How do you go about it? Will you have enough time to accomplish a Pompeii day trip from Rome? Is it better to travel by yourself on the train from Rome to Pompeii, or is it easier to book a Rome to Pompeii tour? We’ll answer...

Your Guide to the Best Things to do in Padua

Like many others, I chanced upon Padua because of Venice.  I opted to stay in Padua – Padova in Italian - because all the hotels in Venice were booked out. In doing so I stumbled upon one of the best cities to visit in Italy.   I was amazed at how many things to do in...

Venice Off The Beaten Path

You don’t have to veer far from the crowds to discover Venice off the beaten path. Even in the swarming crowds of San Marco in summer, a secret Venice is only a couple of minutes away.   Most visitors are on a day trip to Venice, and they all want to see the same...