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Welcome to Delve into Europe

Delve into Europe is a newly launched travel blog by Welsh photographer and writer David Angel.   Our aim is to be an online expert travel resource for people who are planning to travel within Europe.  Over time we aim to fill the site with comprehensive destination guides, travel tips and resources and inspirational photography to help people plan their trips and get out and explore this extraordinary continent. 

David has been travelling Europe producing world class destination photography for over 20 years , and had countless images published worldwide.



About David


I’m David Angel, a professional writer and photographer who has travelled the world – and Wales, my home country – for the last 30 years.
I am responsible for most of the imagery and written content on the site. I have worked as a professional photographer for almost twenty years, including 14 years as art director for Visit Wales. I have had thousands of images and many travel features published worldwide, for the likes of The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Times, BBC and Visit Britain to name a few.
Travel has been my passion from a very early age. After organising local youth club trips to France during my teens, I visited the old USSR and Inter Railed around eastern Europe for a month before university. After graduating (History, Manchester) and moonlighting as a music journalist for a while, I then undertook three solo backpacking trips around the Middle East and Caucasus, taking in Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia and Pakistan.

It was as a result of these trips that I took up photography for the first time in over a decade, teaching myself through trial and error. I then began contributing freelance travel features for some of the UK national newspapers. Soon afterwards I began commissioned work for Wales Tourist Board and Visit Britain, settling in as commissioning editor and art director for the former, which eventually became Visit Wales. I spent every available spare moment exploring and photographing Wales, Europe and now Australia.

I love to spend long days hiking in mountains, along coastline or exploring new cities and towns. I’ve always loved and sought out art wherever I’ve travelled, and particularly admire Bosch, Goya, Monet, Seurat and Anish Kapoor. I love Mediterranean and Caribbean food. And while working late into the night I love listening to ‘70s dub reggae, with the occasional dash of Kraftwerk.


About Faye

Hi I’m Faye,   I grew up in Australia, and discovered my passion for travel on my first trip abroad as a high school exchange student to Seattle. And I’ve always been busy planning several adventures at once ever since.

I love to travel and when I am not travelling I love to read about all the wonderful places I would love to go.  I read guidebooks like novels and never get bored looking at other peoples travel photos.  I’ve been very lucky to have  travelled widely around Europe, South East Asia, North Africa and the USA, and I lived and worked in the UK for 16 years.  First I lived in London for 10 years before marrying a Welshman and moving to Wales for 6 years.

Being married to a photographer, I’ve come to love getting up at absurdly early hours, seeing cities wake up, sneaking into castles for sunrise, or seeing the mists rise on a mountain lake at the first light of the day. I have also had to invest in some extremely warm clothing as I frequently sat in the freezing cold waiting for the perfect light !   But mostly it has been a privilege to discover the extraordinary beauty in the world in that silent golden hour of the day when most of the world still sleeps.


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