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Welcome to Delve into Europe

Welcome to Delve into Europe, your go-to resource for discovering the best of Europe. We’re David and Faye, and our passion is unveiling the magic of Europe to travellers like you, with a special love for shining the spotlight on off-the-beaten-path destinations and hidden gems that many tourists miss.

I’m David, a Welsh historian, writer, and photographer. My work is regularly featured in publications like Conde Nast Traveler, BBC, and The Guardian.

Faye, hails from Australia, but has spent over two decades living in Europe and discovering its myriad treasures, vibrant cities, and spectacular landscapes.

With a combined 60 years of hands-on European travel experience, we founded ‘Delve into Europe’ to share our extensive knowledge, insights, and tips. Our goal is to help you plan truly amazing trips throughout Europe.

What you’ll find on Delve into Europe

  • Guides & Itineraries: Explore top locations, hidden spots, and curated plans for perfect days across Europe.
  • Insider & Travel Tips: Discover Europe’s best-kept secrets, save money, avoid crowds, and navigate transport smoothly.
  • Cultural & Historical Insights: Dive deep into European culture, stories, and iconic landmarks.
  • Visuals: Comprehensive visual guides showcasing where to go and what to see, including UNESCO sites.
  • Stay Recommendations: Experience accommodations that epitomize European charm.
  • Sustainable Travel: Explore responsibly and support local communities.

Have just discovered your website. What joy it is: such a wealth of detail, beautiful photos and really useful information. Feel I’ve found one of my ‘go to’ sites. Thank you so much. Gill, UK.

Gill, UK.

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David Angel

About David

I am a Welsh historian, writer and photographer. I am responsible for most of the imagery and written content on the site. I have worked as a professional photographer for over twenty years, including 14 years as art director for Visit Wales. I have had thousands of images and many travel features published worldwide, for the likes of The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Times, BBC and Visit Britain to name a few.

I have extensive experience in the travel and tourism sector. As the Commissioning Editor and Art Director for Visit Wales, my impact was far-reaching. I worked on numerous UK and international tourism marketing campaigns and steered a variety of specialized projects. These include crafting the Wales visuals for the Ryder Cup, working on a winning UEFA Champions League Final pitch, devising the Wales imagery for a NATO summit, and contributing to a successful UNESCO World Heritage bid. In collaboration with Welsh Government partners like CADW, I drove inward initiatives that ushered in business investments totalling hundreds of millions of pounds.

Originally from Wales, travel has been my passion from a very early age.  After organising local youth club trips to France during my teens, I visited the old USSR and Inter Railed around Eastern Europe for a month before university. After graduating in History from Manchester University and moonlighting as a music journalist for a few years, I then undertook three solo backpacking trips around the Middle East and Caucasus, taking in Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia and Pakistan.

During these journeys, I developed a passion for photography. I bought my first film camera in a tiny shop in an arcade in Cardiff, teaching myself the craft through trial and error. Later, I transitioned to medium format film, which led to my freelance travel features being featured in several UK national newspapers. Soon after, I began commissioned photography work for the Wales Tourist Board and Visit Britain. Eventually, I took on roles as the commissioning editor and art director for what would become Visit Wales. Throughout this time, I dedicated every spare moment to exploring and photographing Europe.

I still get the same excitement and buzz from travelling that I did as a twelve–year–old, crossing the English Channel on a cool October night and staying awake on deck the whole time because I couldn’t wait for my first glimpse of France.  I’ve kept all of the books from my childhood that I pored over for evenings on end planning to see the world. France inspired me so much that I became fluent in the language.

As well as my native English I am fluent in Welsh and French and can also converse in Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech and Polish.

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Faye Haines

About Faye

Growing up in NSW, Australia, life threw a few challenges my way, particularly with chronic health issues that disrupted my traditional education path. But adversity often breeds resilience. Without formal degrees, I channelled my energy into self-education. Today, I wear multiple hats – from SEO specialist, travel planner, to an adept editor. My meticulous nature also led me to a career in London, managing corporate travel and events for FTSE 100 companies as a Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant. Here, my obsessive organizational skills and keen attention to detail shone through.

Yet, beyond the hustle of corporate London, I harboured a profound love for Europe. It’s in the simplicity of the Greek islands, the bustling food markets of France, the fervent passion of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and the vivacity of its cities that I find solace. And while the art, history, and museums hold a special place in my heart, it’s the isolated, windswept coasts of North Wales and Scotland, and the historic castles and homes, that truly captivate me.

My journey hasn’t been straightforward, but it’s this unique path that’s shaped my perspective. My love for Europe, combined with David’s, is what fuels ‘Delve into Europe’. Every day, I strive to share the best of this continent with you, from hidden gems to celebrated landmarks.

Living with lifelong disabling eczema and severe allergies has deeply influenced my approach to travel. From selecting accommodations that align with my health needs, to managing essential medications and always carrying my own specific bedding, every journey demands meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration. Having faced my fair share of adversity, I’ve become deeply passionate about championing inclusivity and accessible travel for all, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to explore the world in a way that’s comfortable and safe for them.

I’m passionate about sustainable travel and the impact of travel. To me, travel is not just about exploration. It’s a powerful tool to protect local economies by providing jobs, safeguarding communities, and preserving the unique traditions that make each destination stand out. I believe in travel as a force for both restoration and preservation, ensuring that the essence of places remains undiminished for future generations.

I hold a diploma in tourism management and have also gleaned insights from the hospitality industry firsthand, having worked as a reservation agent in premier 4 and 5-star international hotels.

If you would like to work with us or have any questions please email us at or see our work with us page.