Delve into Europe




Founder, Photographer & Writer

  • My love of travel was sparked by my first trip to France when I was 12 with the local youth club – I organised their next four trips to Europe
  • I cut my travelling teeth visiting the old USSR and interrailing through Eastern Europe in the early nineties
  • Spent over a year backpacking through the Middle East & Caucasus, taking in Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia & Pakistan
  • Have been a professional photographer for over 20 years
  • Self taught on medium format and old film cameras.
  • I was Commissioning Editor & Art Director for the Visit Wales tourism body for over 15 years.
  • I love getting up at crazy hours like 2am to pack my lunch, catch 2 buses, a train and walk 10km up a mountain just to capture that shot.
  • I studied History and French at Manchester University while moonlighting as a music journalist.
  • I have always been drawn to punk-inspired underground music, and am also a huge fan of reggae, early electronic and early 1970s German music
  • When I’m not out taking photos I will most likely be in the kitchen or playing dinosaurs or Fireman Sam with my young son
Image of Faye Haines founder of Delve into Europe travel website


Founder & Editor

  • Australian born but have spent nearly twenty years living in Europe including ten years in London and six years in Wales
  • Favouite cities London, Cardiff, Bologna, Chania, Prague and Seville and York . Favourite holiday spots, Greece, Sicily, Czech Republic and Portugal , Wales, Scotland, England
  • Self taught everything I know
  • Passionate orangutan conservation for over 30 years and protection of animals
  • Huge fan of the British caff and formica
  • Lover of independent bookshops
  • Obsessive researcher
  • Love searching out special memorable places to stay, castles, ancient inns, tradional family run guest houses, boutique hotels,
  • Love moonlight walks
  • Passionate about preserving the character, authenticity and architectural richness and heritage of places
  • I am firmly attached to my collection of wicker shopping trolley
  • Love to buy local art and things made of hand
  • Over 70 % of everything I buy is secondhand
  • I’m a soul girl at heart, love anything sixties, seventies, disco, motown.   I hope I will always be one of the first on the dance floor.
  • Love the street markets of Europe and will get up at 5am to get to rummage in the local flea market.
  • End up buying random items at antique auctions and once carried a french mannequin home on a London bus.
  • As hard as I try I fail miserably at learning European languages