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The Ultimate Lisbon 3 day itinerary

You may be wondering how many days in Lisbon you need to see it all. You could easily stay a week, but 3 days in Lisbon gives you time to see the best of Portugal’s capital.  Our Lisbon 3 day itinerary is designed to show you the main sights, and also explore some of...

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Things to do in Belem Lisbon

Belem Lisbon is a fascinating place to visit. It’s a suburb next to the river Tagus (Rio Tejo) with three of the best sights in Lisbon, and several other attractions besides. The most popular things to do in Belem Lisbon revolve around the river area. The Belem Tower...

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Things to do in Hereford, England

The city of Hereford is one of the best undiscovered places in England. It’s a small but beautiful cathedral city between the West Midlands and the border with Wales. The Cotswolds are an hour’s drive away to the south. Our guide to the best things to do in Hereford...

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The Best Places to Visit in Wales in Autumn

Wales has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK, and each autumn the forests, hills and valleys turn a magical array of colours. Autumn in Wales can be spectacular. As well as the autumn colours you can chance upon beautiful morning mists along the Welsh...

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Things to do in Lagos Portugal

  The resort town of Lagos is one of the best places to stay in the Algarve, the south coast of Portugal. Lagos has a fine historic centre, and streets full of restaurants, bars aclubs which are packed in the summer season. Then there’s the coastline: Lagos has some...

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Where to stay in Tuscany

Where to stay in London


Things to do in Burano, Venice

A visit to Burano island is one of the best day trips from Venice. It is one of the most memorable Venice islands because of its brightly coloured houses.  Many say that the star Venice attraction is the city itself rather than any of the main sights, and the same...

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Venice in Winter

So when is the best time to visit Venice? I’ve been so lucky to visit Venice in all four seasons, and for me there’s no doubt. Venice in winter is best.   Yes, sometimes Venice winter weather can be very cold. However, winter is the one time of year when Venice still...

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Your Guide to the Festa di San Gennaro, Naples

One of the most amazing things to do in Naples is to attend the Festa di San Gennaro on 19th September each year. On the feast day of San Gennaro Naples celebrates this ancient patron saint of the city. Crowds gather in the Duomo, or Cathedral, to pray for and witness...

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Best area to stay in Venice ?