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Things to Do in Betws-y-Coed, Wales

It’s the starting point for many Snowdonia adventures, but there are so many things to do in Betws-y-Coed itself. It’s one of the best places to stay in Snowdonia National Park, with the best of the mountains around ten miles (16 km) to the west. The village is quite...

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Things To Do In Portmeirion, Wales

Portmeirion is the ultimate fantasy and folly. It’s a small private village on the North Wales coast designed by architect Clough Williams Ellis. He designed some buildings and ‘rescued’ others from around the UK, and sought to create a place where people could take...

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The Chapel of Bones Evora

The Chapel of Bones Evora is one of the most unusual things to see in Portugal. It’s a chapel decorated entirely with human bones, including skulls, tibias and femurs. It’s attached to the much more cheery Church of São Francisco in the historic heart of Evora.   The...

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The Best Things To Do in Evora Portugal

Evora, Portugal is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Many visitors head for the more obvious Portugal sights, overlooking this enchanting city. As it’s only two hours away, some visit Evora on a day trip from Lisbon. But even this is missing out in a way,...

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The Ultimate Lisbon 3 day itinerary

You may be wondering how many days in Lisbon you need to see it all. You could easily stay a week, but 3 days in Lisbon gives you time to see the best of Portugal’s capital.  Our Lisbon 3 day itinerary is designed to show you the main sights, and also explore some of...

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Where to stay in Tuscany

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Your Guide to the Best Things to do in Padua

Like many others, I chanced upon Padua because of Venice.  I opted to stay in Padua – Padova in Italian - because all the hotels in Venice were booked out. In doing so I stumbled upon one of the best cities to visit in Italy.   I was amazed at how many things to do in...

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Venice Off The Beaten Path

You don’t have to veer far from the crowds to discover Venice off the beaten path. Even in the swarming crowds of San Marco in summer, a secret Venice is only a couple of minutes away.   Most visitors are on a day trip to Venice, and they all want to see the same...

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The Best Churches In Venice Italy

There are so many incredible churches in Venice Italy. There are around 170 Venice churches, including the city and the outlying islands of the lagoon. Many of these are among the top Venice attractions, while others are true Venice hidden gems.   The best churches in...

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Best area to stay in Venice ?