Discovering Stunning Stromovka Park Prague

Image of the Governor's Summer Palace above Stromovka PArk Prague
Stromovka Park

Stromovka Park Prague

Stromovka Park Prague is one of the best places to visit in Prague with kids, and one of the largest Prague parks close to the city centre.

It’s also next door to the showgrounds at Holesovice Prague, which host funfairs in the spring and summer months, so it makes for one of the best family days out in Prague.

Stromovka královská obora was originally a royal hunting ground, like Obora Hvezda Prague a short tram ride away to the east. The area was used for this purpose as early as the 13th century, and since the 19th century has been used as an English landscaped garden – one of the most extensive Prague gardens – surrounded by parkland. Locals also call it Park Stromovka. It’s also referred to as the Central Park of Prague.

Image of trees in Stromovka Park in Prague in autumn
Prague Parks Image of Stromovka Park Prague in autumn
Stromovka Park in Prague in autumn

We have visited this fantastic Prague park around 20 times, and have hugely enjoyed it in all seasons. Stromovka is one of the best things to do in Prague in autumn, when its trees turn incredibly rich colours. Our Stromovka Park guide shows you everything there is to see, what to look out for throughout the year, and how to make the most of your visit to what is undoubtedly one of the best parks in Prague.

What Is There To Do In Stromovka Park?

Image of a bench in Stromovka Park in autumn
Autumn in Stromovka Prague

The area around the Stromovka Park lakes is especially popular. There are some beautiful walks around there, and views up the hill to the Governor’s Summer House (Mistodržitelsky letohradek).

You can also climb up the network of paths and steps to its Garden, which has a great view over the Park and north to Troja and Prague Zoo.

Image of the lake raft ride ion Stromovka Park in Prague
The kids-only island in Stromovka – the adults were asked to leave straight after I made this shot!

Kids love to feed the ducks and swans in the lakes, and they can also use a rope ferry to pull themselves across one of the ponds to a small island where adults are not supposed to go.

Image of Stromovka Park Prague in autumn
Autumn in Prague at Stromovka Park

As with nearby Letna Park and Petrin Hill Prague, visiting Stromovka is one of the best things to do in Prague for free. In autumn, the many woodland walks are breathtakingly beautiful, the leaf colours some of the richest we’ve ever seen.

Two other Prague attractions can also be found within Stromovka Park. The Planetarium is just a few minutes’ walk from the Vystaviste entrance, and it’s a great place for kids to get acquainted with all matters astronomical. It usually opens around 5-6 pm on weekday evenings, and is normally open through the day on weekends.

The Maroldovo Panorama, located just behind the Planetarium, is the largest painting in the Czech Republic, and was created for the 1898 Exhibition of Architecture and Engineering. It depicts the 1434 Battle of Lipany, which took place towards the end of the religious Hussite wars.

Are There Playgrounds In Stromovka?

Image of a playground in ±Stromovka Park Prague
The playground near Vystaviste Holesovice

Yes, there are several, spread around Stromovka. Our son particularly likes one just down the hill from the Industrial Palace at Vystaviste, a few metres from the Maroldovo Panorama. This has some rope bridges leading to a great treehouse.

Image of child playing at Stromovka Park playground
The Mondrian elephant ride

U Štoly playground is a minute’s walk up the hill from the Vozovna Restaurant, with swings, a roundabout and various dinosaurs and creatures to climb. Including a concrete elephant with a metal trunk and a Piet Mondrian pattern on his body.

The U Čitarny playground is in the north of Stromovka, in a sun trap in the north of the park that has no shade in summer.     

Are There Places To Eat In Stromovka Park?

Yes, there are several Stromovka Park restaurants, and several coffee carts and ice cream vans dotted around.

Artyčok Bistro is between the Planetarium and Maroldovo Panorama. We often buy drinks from there – either beer or home-made lemonade – and sit down the steps at the nearby playground with our son. They also serve pasta, pizza, seafood and cakes.

Vozovna Stromovka Restaurant is housed in a repurposed former tram depot on the south side of the Park, a short walk from Villa Šlechtova (see below). We haven’t eaten there, but they offer a mainly European menu with options for kids as well.

The Šlechtova Restaurant in the Villa of the same name has been under restoration over the last few years, and it is provisionally scheduled to open in spring 2021.

Things To Do Near Stromovka Park

You can combine a few hours in this amazing park in Prague with several other attractions of Prague, which can be found a short walk away in Vystaviste Holesovice. The Art Nouveau Prague Industrial Palace is one of the great landmarks of Prague, and dominates the surrounding area.

If you’re visiting Prague with children, Morskt Svet (literally sea world – the Prague Aquarium) is a couple of minutes away from the tram stop at the entrance to Stromovka. It’s quite small – as are most of the sea creatures you’ll see there – but they are amazing to watch up close, and if your kids love nature and wildlife it’s a great place to spend an hour or so.

Just outside the Aquarium, a large fairground with all the traditional rides – carousels, dodgems, the whole works – that is open in the summer and on certain holidays throughout the year.

Image of the Lapidarium in Prague
On eof the statues on the facade of the Prague Lapidarium

There are two fine art museums very close to Stromovka Prague. The Prague Lapidarium – housed in a splendid Baroque Art Nouveau building on Vystaviste – is a branch of the National Museum, with a collection of stone statues and sculpture spanning the 11th to 19th centuries.

You’ll also find the vast functionalist Veletržni Palac – Trade Fair Palace – five minutes around the corner on Dukelskych Hrdinu. It’s part of the National Gallery Prague, hosting a collection from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Where Is Stromovka Park Prague?

Image of Stromovka Park Summer House in autumn Prague
The Governor’s Summer House in Stromovka in autumn

Stromovka Park is located just to the north of Prague city centre, immediately to the north of the suburbs of Holešovice and Bubeneč in the Prague 7 District. It’s also tucked into a bend of the Vltava River in Prague, on the opposite bank to Troja Castle and Prague Zoo.

Getting To Stromovka Park

Stromovka is easy to reach by public transport, especially if you approach from Holešovice. Tram 12 actually terminates at Vystaviste Holesovice, with in the park, as do 50% of the tram 17 services. The other number 17 trams and tram number 6 services call at the other Vustaviste Holesovice platform, less than 200 metres from the Park.

You can also enter Stromovka Park via the entrance to the Summer House. This can be found off namesti Borise Nemcova, next door to the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The closest public transport stops to this are the Letenské námestí and Korunovačni tram stops, where routes 1, 8, 12, 25 and 26 services all stop.

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