Troja Castle Prague – A Splendid Baroque Chateau on the Outskirts of Prague

Troja Castle Prague

Troja Castle Prague is a splendid Baroque chateau on the outskirts of the city, and it’s also home to one of the most beautiful Prague gardens. Troja Palace is now part of the Prague City Art Gallery, and hosts part of its collection there.

Troja is one of the most popular areas of Prague with visitors. Three Prague attractions are in close proximity of each other, with the most popular – Prague Zoo – right across the street from Troja Chateau Prague. It’s also just down the hill from the lovely Prague Botanical Garden.

Troja Castle Prague – An Introduction

Image of Troja Palace Prague
Troja Palace and its gorgeous Gardens

Troja Castle is one of the most visible landmarks of Prague, visible from some of the best-known towers in Prague, including the Petrin lookout tower and Great South Tower of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle

The Palace is one of the finest examples of Baroque period Prague architecture, and dates from the late 17th century, when it was built for the Counts of Sternberg

Image of stucco decoration in the Garden at Troja Castle Prague
Superb stucco decoration omn a gateway in the Garden at Troja

Its style is strongly influenced by French and Italian Baroque, and the principal architect was Jean-Baptiste Mathey

The magnificent main hall is decorated with frescoes depicting the defeat of the Ottoman Turkish forces near Vienna in 1683 – they are the work of Dutch artist Abraham and Izak Godin

Image of an art installation in the Garden at Troja Palace Prague
Some contemporary art is also exhibited in the Baroque Garden

Prague City Gallery’s collection of 19th century Czech art is housed in the main hall and adjoining rooms

What To See At Troja Castle

Image of Troja Castle and Baroque Garden
The east sidfe of the Palace from the Garden

Troja Palace is stately and sumptuous inside and out

The striking red and white exterior is superb, especially from its equally outstanding Palace Garden

Image of the main staircase at Troja Chateau Prague
The ornate Baroque main staircase at Troja Castle

The staircase at the main entrance is especially striking, with a series of bold figures of gods and giants

There is also a series of Italian-style ornamental vases on the east terrace

Image of ornamental vases on the terrace at Troja Castle in Prague
One of Bombelli’s vases on the terrace at Troja

The gardens have classic Baroque features, especially parterres with flower beds

The frescoes on the ceiling of the main hall are one of the most surprising things to see in Prague, given that they are so seldom mentioned elsewhere

Where Is Troja Chateau?

Image of Troja Castle from the vineyard at Prague Botanical Garden
Troja Castle is in the north of Prague, around three miles from the main Prague sights

Troja is just to the north of the Vltava River in Prague, in the north-west of the city. It’s only around 5 km from the city centre, via the suburb of Holešovice. You can reach Holešovice from Prague city centre very easily, by the Metro (red line C) and several trams.

How To Get To Troja Castle?

Image of Troja Castle and Garden Prague
Troja is on the edge of the city but very easy to reach

The regular 112 bus service runs from Nádraži Holešovice to the Zoo (Zoologicka Zahrada). You can reach Holešovice station by the red Prague Metro line C – the bus stop is close to the McDonald’s, and just off Plynarni.

We are regular visitors to Troja Prague, and catch the 17 tram as far as Trojska, just across the river. The 112 bus stops 100 metres before this – the stop is called Povltavska – or 100 metres afterwards, first left around the corner – the stop and street are both called Trojska.

It’s also possible to reach Troja by boat – the trips, such as this one with Prague Steamboats – are advertised as cruises to the Zoo, but Troja Palace Prague is the same distance – around 1 km – from the boat as the Zoo’s main entrance, right across the street. This option is usually available between April and the end of September.  

When Is The Best Time To Visit Troja Castle?

Image of Troja Castle Prague in summer
Flower beds in Troja Castle Garden – summer is a great time to visit

We first visited Troja Castle and Gardens during the summer, when it was wonderful. However, locals all recommend visiting during April, soon after the Palace and Gardens reopen after winter, the Japanese cherry blossom trees make for one of the most beautiful sights in Prague.

When Is Troja Castle Open?

Image of a fountain in Troja Gardens with the Castle in the background
The main fountain at Troja

As is the case with other prominent gardens in Prague, Troja Castle is open between April and October, Tuesdays to Sundays 1000 to 1800, with the exception of Fridays, when it’s open 1300 to 1800. It is closed on Mondays.

How Much Are Troja Castle Tickets?

Image of flowers at Troja Castle in Prague
The Gardens and Palace in summer

120 CZK for adults, 60 CZK for children and seniors and 250 CZK for a family.

If you enter by the side gate opposite the Zoo entrance, as I and most people did when I first visited, you’ll be mystified as to where the ticket office (pokladna) is. Turn right and head away from the Palace to the end of the Garden and you’ll find it there.

What Else Is There To See in Troja Prague?

Troja is one of our favourite places to visit in Prague, with Prague Zoo and the Prague Botanical Gardens right on the doorstep.

Prague Zoo’s main entrance is 50 metres away across the street from the side entrance to Troja Castle Gardens. It’s far and away one of the best things to do in Prague with kids, and it’s somewhere we’ve taken our son many times.

The Prague Botanical Garden is the third Troja attraction. Part of it – the picturesque St Clare’s Vineyard and Chapel  are just behind Troja Castle, and is one of the best viewpoints in Prague.

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