Vlychada beach Santorini Image of the beach and cliffsof

Vlychada Beach Santorini

Vlychada beach Santorini Image of the beach and cliffsof
The dramatic cliffs and beach at Vlychada, Santorini

Vlychada beach Santorini may just be one of the best beaches in Santorini. It’s a happy medium between the dramatic scenery of Red Beach and Black Beach Santorini and the beach bar vibe of nearby Perissa and Perivolos.  

Vlychada is one of the best places in Santorini to while away a few hours by the sea. The southern end of the beach has all the facilities you’d need, including a café bar that hires out beach umbrellas and loungers. Several Santorini hotels, resorts and restaurants are also very close by. 

Image of cafe sign at Vlychada Santorini beach
The cafe sign at the beach at Vlychada

We visited Vlychada twice on our first trip to Santorini. We were so taken with this quiet spot that we’re contemplating staying there on our next Santorini holidays.  

Read on to find out why you should add Vlychada to you Santorini must see list.  

Where is Vlychada Beach Santorini? 

Image of a traditional house in Vlychada village Santorini Greece
A traditional house in Vlychada village

Vlychada is a tiny village close to the southernmost point on Santorini island. It’s 11 km (7 miles) south of Fira, the Santorini main town. It’s also within easy reach of Perissa (5 km, or 3 miles) and Perivolos (2.5 km, or 1.5 miles).  You may also see signs for Vlichada beach Santorini. No need for confusion – they are one and the same place.

How do you get to Vlychada? 

Image of the tourist train at Vlychada Santorini Greece
The tourist train runs from Perissa to Vlychada during the summer season

This is straightforward.  If you’re driving, there are two approaches – one from Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios to the east, and one from the Fira to Emporio and Perissa road to the north. 

Seven daily buses make the journey from Fira to Vlychada. The current timetable can be seen on the KTEL Santorini site. Fares from Fira are currently 2.40 euros. 

A tourist road train also operates during high season.  This runs from next to Perissa bus station, through the village, and the beach strip at Perivolos.  

Facilities on Vlychada Beach 

Image of the cafe at Vlychada beach on Santorini
The cafe under the cliff at Vlychada

The café and snack bar at the southern end of the beach cover everything you need – loungers, good food, drinks, cocktails and more. There is also a WC here, and another around the corner in the Museum. There are also some restaurants up the hill overlooking the harbour. 

Describe Vlychada Beach

Best things to do in Santorini Image of sun shades and loungers on Vlychada beach in Santorini
Sun shades and the splendour of Vlychada Beach

The first hundred metres or so are the only ‘developed’ part, with sunshades and loungers. After that, there’s a long expanse of the black sand Santorini is famous for, stretching away into the distance. 

Black Sand beach Santorini Image of a white pebble in black sand
Is it black? Or pencil grey? Decide for yourself!

The cliffs form an amazing backdrop to the beach.  They form a series of stunning rock formations, the ‘lunar’ landscape created by the weathering of the volcanic rock over millions of years.  Once you’ve passed the beach umbrellas you can wander and explore this incredible gallery of nature’s abstract art. 

vlichada-beach-santorini Image of the beach at Vlichada (also spelt Vlychada) on Santorini
The stunning Vlychada cliffs at sunset

One of the reasons I think Vlychada is one of the best resorts in Santorini is that the balance is just right. You can explore this magnificent coastline by yourself, then be back supping on a refreshing cold beer at the bar within a few minutes.  There’s not really much scope for further development, certainly along the beach, because of the cliffs. It’s also very family friendly 

What about other things to do in Vlychada? 

Image of fishing boats in the harbour at Vlychada, Santorini, Greece
Here’s where your dinner comes from: fishing boats in the harbour at Vlychada

There is a lovely small harbour at the end of the beach. The part closest to the beach is where the many small colourful fishing boats dock. The next section is given over to pleasure boats. 

Image of the Tomato Industrial Museum at Vlychada Santorini
One of the most unusual – and intriguing – Santorini attractions, the Tomato Industrial Museum

The Tomato Industrial Museum turned out to be one of the most enjoyable things to see in Santorini. My five-year-old son accompanied me and we were treated to a full guided tour. He was particularly delighted to make his own labelled tomato can.

The former Nomikos factory is one of nine old sites around the island that used to process and can tomatoes. The industry has declined, largely because cultivable land has been given over to tourism developments. It’s a sad, poignant tale, especially as the tomatoes grown in this volcanic soil are some of the most delicious you could ever taste. 

What other things to do in Santorini are nearby? 

Eros Beach Santorini is another hidden gem. It’s over a mile (2 km) along the beach and cliffs from Vlychada. There are no buses there, and access is via a not particularly difficult dirt road. If you’re heading up the hill from Vlychada towards the main road, it’s signposted on the left. 

The main road leads to Perissa, passing the gorgeous village of Emporio along the way. The highlight is the area around the kastelli at the top of the hill, with some amazing cave houses built into the rock of the mountain. 

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