Austria, Salzburg


Austria is blessed with astonishing Alpine scenery across much of the country, the river Danube, and one of the great European capitals in Vienna, the former imperial capital. Salzburg and up-and-coming Graz and Linz are also great city destinations.

Croatia, Dubronik


Croatia’s calling card is its coastline, stretching from the Istrian peninsula in the north to the southern end of Dalmatia, with its thousand-plus islands, medieval towns and world treasures in Dubrovnik and Split. Inland, the limestone karst landscape is also spectacular with mountains and the lovely Plitvice Lakes. The capital Zagreb is also well worth a visit.


England is packed with amazing places, from London, one of the great cities of the world, to ancient Stonehenge to great medieval cathedrals, Georgian grandeur, quaint villages, gentle rolling hills, country pubs and much more.

Czech Republic, Prague, Hradcany

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s beautiful capital, Prague, makes a stunning introduction to the country and Eastern Europe, and some of the smaller cities like Cesky Krumlov are worth going out of your way to discover. The beer has long been regarded as among the world’s finest, and there’s no argument from us on that one.

France, Roussillon


France has been the most visited country in the world for many years, and that’s no surprise. Paris, the City of Light, is one of the most beautiful and romantic in the world. You could plan a hundred holidays there and there’s room for another hundred more.

Germany, Brandenburg-gate


Germany is fascinating, from Berlin to the traditional river cruise destinations like the Rhine, from larger cities like Hamburg, Cologne and Munich to smaller gems like Hildesheim and Quedlinburg. The Baltic island of Rügen is another destination largely undiscovered outside Germany.