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Spectacular beaches, quaint villages, vibrant cities all with a sea salt tang

 Occupying most of the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal has a very different feel to its neighbour Spain. Whereas much of Spain belongs to the Mediterranean, Portugal is more influenced by the Atlantic.

Its south-westernmost point, Cape St Vincent, was believed by the Romans to be the end of the Earth, and parts of the coast, especially the surrounding Costa Vicentina, have a remote, undiscovered feel.

Further to the north, the coast has some of the best surfing beaches in Europe, such as at Nazare, and to the west, the Algarve is blessed with dramatic beaches and rock formations like fairy chimneys, sea arches and stacks abundant.

The country’s two biggest cities, Lisbon and Porto, are worth the journey alone, both built on steep hills overlooking great rivers, they both have their own unique quirky charm.


The rest of the country is less explored but has plenty to lure you. We have fallen in love with some of the beautiful old whitewashed towns like Obidos and Monsaraz, and seen spectacular castles from the exotic fantasy of the Palacio da Pena at Sintra to the border sentinel of Marvao, looking out from its mountain eyrie over the flat plain of Spain below.


Portugal’s food is a real treat, with seafood (especially variants of bacalhau, salted cod) prevalent along the coast and heartier meat dishes more common in the mountains and inland.

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