Are you looking for the best hiking boots for wide feet but feeling like your options are limited?  It can be super hard when you have wide feet and want not only a top-quality hiking boot but the best hiking boots wide feetwill be comfortable in so that you don’t end up in pain. If this sounds like you and you are yet to find that perfect pair of hiking boots, extra wide, then you are in the right place.I have put together this guide to help you choose the best boots for wide feet.   The guide includes everything you need to know when looking for comfortable boots for wide feetas well as take a closerlook at some of thehiking boots, wide width from top brands such as Merrell, Keen and Timberland. Whether you are after the best hiking boots for men with wide feet or thebest hiking boots for women with wide feet, I am sure you will find themost comfortable boots for wide feetin this guide.


The best hiking shoes for wide feetwon’t do the same jobs as hiking boots. A boot is far better equipped to provide support to your foot and ankle when you are walking across rocky terrain distances and whilst carrying a heavy load on your back than a shoe. Hiking shoes certainly have their place though and are well suited for short walks on good terrain.


NameMens/WomensTypeUpperWeight (lbs)WaterproofOur Rating
Lowa Renegade GTXMensMidNubuck leather2.10Yes4.5
Merrell’s MoabMensMidLeather/ Mesh2.4Yes4.5
Salomon X Ultra 3 WideMensMidSynthetic0.99Water Resistant4.5
Keen DurandMensMidNubuck leather1.4Yes4.4
Timberland Mt MaddsenMensMidLeather2Yes4.4
Vasque f_Ts Breeze III GTXMensHighNubuck leather2.10Yes4.6
Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTXWomensLightSuede Leather / Nylon2Yes4.5
Lowa Renegade GTXWomensMidNubuck Leather1.3Yes4.6
Merrell’s MoabWomensMidLeather/Mesh2Yes4.7
Dr ComfortWomensMidLeather????4.8
Timberland ChocoruaWomensMidLeather2.1Yes4.5


Before purchasing your hiking boots, you need to consider what it is you’re going to use them for, the weight of whatever it is you might be carrying and any special traits of your feet. First, what sort of terrain will you be walking on?  Is it a well-maintained hiking trail or off the beaten track?  The rougher the terrain the more support and protection you should look for in your hiking boot.  If you are going to be in extreme conditions such as snow and ice or climbing over wet rocks, consider a pair of the best mountaineering boots for wide feet. What will you be carrying?  The heavier the load the more stress your feet and ankles will be under.  As a rule, if you are carrying 5-15 kgs consider a mid-boot, anything over this you should be wearing a heavy weight hiking boot to ensure you have the maximum support and protection. Also consider the individual make up of your foot.  Do you require additional arch support and so need the best hiking boots for high arches?  Or perhaps you are prone to overpronation and so need the best hiking boots for pronation? Remember what hiking boots are great for one person are not necessarily going to be right for you.



Not all hiking boots are created equal and the best walking boots for wide feetdiffer from person to person.  To ensure you purchase the perfect hiking boot, look for the features discussed below:

  1. Waterproofing​

For your hiking boots to be waterproof they will either have a waterproof inner membrane or have an added chemical waterproof treatment to the shoe.  Gore-Tex (often abbreviated to GTX in shoes) is a popular waterproof material used in some of the best hiking boots for travel. The downside of a waterproof boot is that it will keep your foot much warmer than a boot that is not waterproof which may not be ideal. So before you rush out and by a waterproof boot, ensure this is necessary requirement.

  1. Breathability​

The most comfortable hiking boots for wide feetare ones that are a breathable in that they regulate air flow to your feet and wick away moisture to ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable.  This stops the moisture from getting in whilst allowing body heat and moisture out.

  1. ​Stiffnessand stability

For maximum protection, good hiking boots for wide feet should provide firm support through your arch and have a stiff sole.  The other benefit of a stiff boot is the heel will not drop on an ascent which helps to reduce calf fatigue.

  1. ​Construction of the Upper

The construction of the upper part of a hiking boot can be made with a range of material and / or combination of materials. Leather boots for wide feet, tend to be more durable and often more water resistant, but they are not as light or breathable.  Boots made from leather also require a longer break in period. Boots are regularly made with synthetics such as polyester, nylon and synthetic leather.  These materials are lighter, dry faster, break in quicker and are much cheaper than their leather counter parts.  The down side is they wear much quicker than leather boots.

  1. The Midsole Material​

The midsole is the main structural part that sits between the insole and the sole of the shoe and is often made from ethyl vinyl acetate or polyurethane. Ethyl vinyl acetate is the most common and varies from soft to dual density.  Midsoles made with ethyl vinyl acetate usually require little to no break in period, but they usually don’t last as long as polyurethane.  Boots made with polyurethane midsoles tend to be firmer and are more durable and long lasting.


  1. Internal Support


Hidden away between the boots midsole and outsole are shanks which are 3-5mm thick inserts which add load bearing stiffness to the midsole. Plates are thin, semiflexible inserts which are positioned between the midsole and outsole and below the shank to protect the feet from getting bruised by roots and uneven terrain.

The Three Types of Hiking Boot

There are essentially three different types of hiking boot: lightweight, mid weight and heavy weight.  Each type of boot is better suited to different types of terrain and offers varying levels of support and protection to your feet and ankles.

Lightweight hiking boots

Lightweight hiking boots are as the name suggests lightweight but also flexible.  They give more support and stability than a pair of sneakers but don’t offer the level of support that you will find in a mid-weight or heavy weight hiking boot. These types of boots are great for day hikes on a well-maintained track.

Mid weight hiking boots

Mid weight hiking boots are much sturdier than a lightweight hiking boot and sit just above your ankle.  These types of boots are perfect for backpackers and serious day hikers.  These boots offer solid underfoot support and are constructed from quality materials.

Heavy weight hiking boots

A heavy weight hiking boot has a higher top than the mid weight hiking boot and offers maximum support.  These boots feature a stiffer sole, stronger upper and more toe protection and are capable of withstanding a range of weather conditions including the wet and snow.  These boots are tough enough for a rocky trail, carrying around a heavy backpack or even parents carrying babies in a carrier.


  Below are our top picks for the best hiking boots for wide feet men.  

  1. Lowa Renegade GTX   The Lowa Renegade boots are the perfect wide hiking boots for men, suitable for day hikes and light backpacking. These boots offer maximum protection and support for your feet, with the nubuck leather upper securely holding the foot in place, a lightweight midsole and a rugged Vibram outsole to help maintain grip.  Whilst the monowrap midsole reduces the overall boot weight and provides lateral stability. These mens hiking boots, extra wide width, are waterproof to keep feet dry and feature a climate control footbed to ensure feet are kept cool, dry and blister free.  This is enhanced with the perforations that are in the boots lining which allows air to circulate and wick moisture away.  Many customer reviews have made special mention of just how waterproof these boots are, even whilst trekking through the snow or crossing rivers. Other great features of these good boots for wide feetinclude full length nylon shank for stability and a derby style lacing for a customized fit. These hiking boots are comfortable, light, supportive and available in a great range of sizes and widths making them the perfect choice for the best hiking boots, menwith wide feet will love.

  1. Merrell Boots Moab – Men’s 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you are looking for some of the best hiking shoe for wide feetoptions, these Merrell boots for menare a great option to consider. Made from suede leather/mesh with a leather/mesh upper, these bootshave such a comfortable feel and are so lightweight. They have a Vibram TC5 Outsole, synthetic sole and the Merrell air cushion in the heel helps to absorb shock and add stability on your hiking adventures. The molded nylon arch shank and EVA midsole is there for added stability and the Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support really do make these Merrell hiking boots wide widthshoes a comfortable and stable option for backpackers and day hikers. Another great feature of these Merrell bootsis the protective rubber toe cap for any hazards that may stick out on the hiking trail. For such a great price, these Merrell hiking boots for menare a really good buy.

  1. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking Boots   These Salomon boots for menare as light as a feather and make for awesome hiking boots. The GORE-TEX Techno fabric means they are water resistant but also breathable so they really are the perfect option for hiking all year round. The two different types of rubber that are used on the sole create a far more intense grip, while a special pattern on the heel will grab at the terrain more aggressively which will give you a great amount of control no matter what weather you are hiking in. These Salomon hiking boots for menhave an advanced asymmetrical chassis which is surrounded by foam cushioning that connects directly to the sole adding maximum comfort and stabilizing your heel. The Sensefit technology cradles the foot all the way from the lacing system to the midsole which gives a snug and secure, and basically customized fit to the whole foot. Other great features of the Saloman shoes wide widthoption are the shaft that measures from the mid-top to the arch, and the Salomon 2 year limited warranty. Various reviews state the Salomon boots wide feetoption are the best hiking boots and an excellent all rounder.

  1. Keen Men’s Durand Waterprood Mid Wide Hiking Boot   Keen hiking boots for menare really good hiking shoes for wide feetand have some great feature about them too. These Keen hiking boots, wide width style, feature a breathable and waterproof membrane that lets out vapour and sweat while still protecting against letting any water in from the outside. You would easily be able to use these hiking boots for wide flat feetin hot climates where you are likely to get sweaty feet, or wetter climates where you are likely to get rained on. The Keen boots wide widthDurand style also offers ultimate comfort due to the contoured heel lock with the integrated PU heel cushion. The Keen Metaomical Footbed design is an internal support mechanism that is engineered anatomically to help provide the best arch support possible and will also cradle the natural contours of your feet. Keen hiking boots wide widthstyle are American built, made with quality nubuck leather and dependable metal hardware, and the injection molded PU midsole will assist in keeping your feet comfortable after many hikes over the years. Various reviews state that these are a fantastic fit for wide feet and a great hiking boot all round.

  1. Timberland Men’s Mt Maddsen Mid Leather Wp Winter Boot   The Timberland boots for wide feetare a great looking hiking winter boot made and super comfy for all day wearing. The Timberland boots wide widthstyle are made especially for people who are looking to spend the whole day hiking and know they will be in their shoes for long periods of time. They are created with an exclusive anti-fatigue technology that is built into the midsole and also uses geometric cone support to provide excellent standing comfort and shock absorption. They are made with leather and textile, synthetic sole, TimberDry eco-conscious waterproof membrane, premium waterproof leather upper from an LWG Silver-rated tannery, and durable 15% recycled rubber lug outsole that is designed for extra traction. Other great features of these Timberland extra widehiking boots are the fully gusseted tongue designed to keep out debris, removable anti-fatigue footbed, and the compression-molded EVA midsole. Various reviews of the Timberland wide widthhiking boots state that not only do they look great, they also have great functionality too.

  1. Vasque Men f_Ts Breeze III GTX Hiking Boots Overall, these are one of the best hiking boots for wide flat feet available on the market.  If you are looking for some of the best men’s hiking boots wide widthstyle, you can’t look past the Vasque Breeze III GTX. Made with a dual density midsole to cushion your feet, the TPU shank that adds stability, and a breathable yet protective Gore-Tex membrane for keeping moisture out, these have to be one of the best walking shoes for men with wide feetoptions for all types of weather conditions. The upper on thesehiking shoes for wide feet is made of durable 2mm waterproof nubuck leather and mesh which stops moisture coming in from the outside but allows it to escape from the inside. They also have moulded heel and toe contours to shield your feet from obstruction while the vents maintain constant airflow. Other great features of these best men’s boots for wide feetare the EVA comfort density that provides cushioning and step in comfort, and the toe and heel ventilation ports.



Below are our top picks for the best womens hiking boots for wide feet.

  1. Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe   If you are looking for some new women’s hiking shoes, then check out these Salomon boots for women. These Salomon hiking boots for womenare made with GORE-TEX Performance Comfort membrane to make them waterproof and suitable to be used for hiking trips no matter what type of weather you will be trekking in. Made with a gusseted tongue that will protect against debris getting inside, a ContraGrip traction outsole and Sesifit system designed to cradle your feet for a precise and secure fit, the Salomon shoes wide feetstyle are super comfortable to wear and you will be able to hike for long periods of time in them. Other great features of these wide hiking boots for womenare the high traction Contagrip sole and the protective rubber toe cap. These are sleek and athletic women’s walking boots for wide feet that offer great comfort and protection all year round.

  1. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot   The Lowa women’s Renegade are the perfect women’s hiking boots for wide feetand offer maximum comfort and protection all year round in a range of different colours. Made with a climate controlled footbed that helps to keep your feet cool, dry and blister free, the perforations in the boots lining allow air to circulate and wick away moisture from your foot, also minimising friction and fatigue. These walking boots for wide feet ladiesare also made up of waterproof GORE-TEX lining to stop water getting in in those wetter conditions. The nubuck leather upper of these ladies boots for wide feethelps to securely hold your feet in place which reduces strain on the toes when going downhill, and the Monowrap midsole technology helps to reduce overall boot weight while also adding extra cushioning and stability. Other great features of these best hiking boots for ladiesinclude the rugged Vibram outsole, thick and non-slip rubber lugs, stabilizing shanks and derby style lacing. The Lowa women’s Renegade hiking boots are perfect for women who are looking for a lightweight boot for day hiking or weekend adventures and make a great choice if you are after the best women’s hiking boots for wide feet.


  1. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot   Another great option for women’s hiking boots, wide widthare these Merrell waterproof boots for womenthat are available in five different colours. These Merrell boots for womenoffer maximum comfort with a removable insole, Merrell air cushion in the heel that helps to absorb shock and add extra stability to the feet. They are made with a performance suede leather and mesh upper, moulded nylon arch shank and protective rubber toe cap for great comfort and protection for your feet. The M Select DRY feature helps to seal out water from the outside but lets moisture created on the inside escape so your feet stay dry and more comfortable. The breathable mesh lining also creates more airflow for your feet. Other great features of these Merrell boots women’sstyle are the Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed and the closed-cell foam tongue that keeps debris and moisture out. Reading through the best hiking boots for women reviewsit is obvious that these Merrell boots womanstyle are a great option and have a nice fit while offering great support.

  1. Dr Comfort Women’s Vigor Chestnut Diabetic Hiking Boots The Dr Comfort Women’s Vigor Hiking Boots are a stylish and attractive boot that also provides maximum support for a range of painful conditions. A super lightweight boot that provides superior all day comfort and maximum pressure relief, these are often recommended by podiatrists for medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis and many other painful conditions. The unique no-tie elastic lacing and Velcro closing made it so easy and convenient to get them on your feet without a hassle. They have excellent arch support and cushion making for superior comfort Another great feature of these hiking boots is the free pair of Gel Plus insoles that are included with your purchase for even more comfort. These hiking boots are great for anyone with medical conditions or anyone who just wants to be comfortable in their shoes doing indoor or outdoor activities.

  1. Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot   The Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boots are perfect for all day hikes and various other outdoor activities. You will be able to wear these hiking boots all year round thanks to the Gore-Tex Membrane for breathable waterproof comfort that helps to keep water from the outside out but lets moisture from the inside escape. The premium Leather padded collar gusseted tongue is also waterproof and adds extra comfort. The adjustable lacing system makes for a tailored fit and the Comfort Zoned Chassis with tuned support PlateStitch means you will comfortable in these hiking boots for long periods of time. Other great features of these trail boots are the removable dual-density EVA footbeds and the Motion Efficiency System rubber lug outsole both adding to the extra comfort this hiking boot has to offer. These boots have a classic look about them and also have many great comfort features making them one of the best waterproof hiking boots for womenon the market.

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