Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s also unique, built on hundreds of tiny islands in a lagoon off the coast of north east Italy. Incredibly, his city grew from a few huts on muddy islands to one of the greatest and richest cities in the world, with trading links and an empire across the Mediterranean.

Venice is an astounding city, and there is a staggering wealth of sights to see there – St Mark’s Square and its stunning Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, Palladio’s San Giorgio Maggiore, the distinctive domed church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge and so much more. Then there are the many canals, with the graceful gondolas effortlessly gliding along them. Every corner you turn you find beauty.

Here is a collection of images that we have shot in Venice to whet your appetite.

Image of San Giorgio Maggiore during a spectacular dawn


This shot of Palladio’s magnificent San Giorgio Maggiore was also made on the Molo, one of the best sunrises I had ever seen just kept getting better and better.


Image of the Doge's Palace Venice at sunrise

This shot of the Palazzo Ducale, or Doge’s Palace, was also made on the Molo, the first warm golden rays of sunlight catching the façade, a wonderful start to a winter’s day.


Image of San Marco Basilica in the snow

The Basilica di San Marco, St Mark’s Basilica, just before dawn with snow on the domes and Piazza. I had to ask one of the local council workers to stop shovelling snow out of the way so I could get this shot first. I still owe him a cup of coffee for that.


Image of a gondola on the Grand canal, Venice, at sunset

The Grand Canal at sunset, with a lone gondolier, shot from the famous Rialto Bridge.


Image of the Rialto Bridge and Grand canal in Venice at night

The Rialto Bridge, or Ponte di Rialto, shot from a little-known vantage point in Cannaregio, with the Grand Canal flowing underneath.


Image of the church of Santa Maria del Giglio in Venice at night

The Baroque façade of Santa Maria del Giglio church, a few minutes’ walk from St Mark’s Square.


Image of the Grand Canal in Venice at night

A wide view of the Grand Canal at dusk, also shot from Rialto Bridge.


Image of Santa Maria della Salute church in Venice at night

Santa Maria della Salute, seen here at night with gondolas in the foreground.


Image of the Rio degli Ognissanti canal in Venice

Across the Grand Canal in the same district as the Salute church, the Rio degli Ognissanti is one of the most picturesque canals in the city.


Image of the Squero di San Trovaso boatyard in Venice

The Squero di San Trovaso, one of the last gondola repair yards in Venice, sits on the corner of the Rio degli Ognissanti.


Image of Santa Maria della Salute and gondolas at sunrise, Venice Italy

Santa Maria della Salute, again from the Molo, this time bathed in the first light of day with the gondolas moving in the foreground.


Image of San Martino church and canal in Burano Venice Italy

The island of Burano, in the north of the Venetian lagoon, is renowned for its beautiful brightly-painted fishermen’s cottages. We love this canal and street with the wonky belltower of San Martino church overlooking the scene.


Image of a bright pink house in Burano Venice Italy

The houses of Burano are painted in an amazing array of colours, like this vivid pink.


Image of a row of houses reflected in a canal in Burano Venice Italy

Burano is a photographer’s dream, the colourful houses reflected here in the almost-still canal water.


Image of a bright yellow house in Burano, Venice, Italy

This yellow house on Burano is one of our favourites. The sign next to the door says that colour, like music, awakens the senses and emotions.


Image of gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore church in Venice at dawn

And finally – a last peek at the city, at San Giorgio Maggiore.


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